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We capture the personality of a person by using certain types of lighting, props, backdrops and more in order to give a certain honesty to the photograph.

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Newborn Photography

Welcoming your new baby into the world is one of the most emotional and incredible times in your life, we want to capture those feelings for you and document them for you to hold on to forever.

We think that’s the amazing thing about photography; it has the power to transport you back to those incredible moments, to bring back the emotions we experience at a particular moment in our lives.

These pictures will be some of your most treasured possessions. We will ensure that the pictures we capture are taken in a very safe, warm and comfortable environment for you and your baby and the whole experience is one you will remember fondly.

In our opinion, every stage in your children’s lives should be celebrated & captured; but photographing newborn babies is something truly special

Maternity Photography

The miracle of life. Incredible, remarkable, breathtaking…

There is something truly special about the bond a mother has with her unborn child.

It’s hard to describe the emotion you can capture during a maternity shoot; a mother gently caressing her tummy, gazing lovingly at her unborn baby. The father, tenderly kissing the baby bump, already feeling a sense of immense pride. The sense of wonder in a toddler’s eyes, still trying to comprehend that a new baby brother or sister is inside Moms tummy.

We feel it’s our duty to capture these incredible moments in a way that truly enhances the emotions.

Our objective is to present you with a selection of images that will really take your breath away.

At our Montreal photography studio we use a mixture of delicate soft lighting together with post production techniques to create bespoke photographic art.

Please get in touch so that we can schedule your session for between 30-34 weeks into your pregnancy. Partners & siblings are not only permitted, they are welcomed to participate in the shoot.



Portrait photography can be artistic, professional or basic. It focuses on getting the features of a person’s face right. The goal is to use likeness to communicate something about the people in the portraits. Really good portrait photographers capture the essence, the eternal emotions of their particular subjects.