Passion Photos has been around since 2003.  Photography slowly over the years became a passion of mine. I take pride in my work and strive to deliver the best quality coverage of your wedding day. More importantly is the bond I create with my clients. Getting to know them, understanding their needs and working with them to deliver a memorable and fantastic wedding day. Your memories are as important to me as they are to you. I believe making couples feel comfortable long before their wedding day makes for a great experience and brings out the best in everyone on that special day. 

We live in a multicultural country and therefore we have provided our services to clients from different religions and cultural backgrounds. Each with a beauty of there own! Italian, French, English, Indian, Greek, Portuguese, Jewish just to name a few. Having experienced all of these makes me very familiar with the different traditions and customs. All are you unique and special in their own way. I feel that every wedding has only enriched my life and help me discover the beauty in each and every nationality. 

Today this Passion has grown ten fold. With a little over 180 weddings under my belt, I have developed amazing relationships with couples that have continued to grow years after their weddings. I feel blessed and humbled to have contributed in delivering memories of their love story.